MACC Membership Fees


$54 Family

$52 Adult Couple

$48 Senior Couple

$28 Adult

$26 Senior

$11 Young Adult

$9 Youth


$162 Family

$156 Adult Couple

$144 Senior Couple

$84 Adult

$78 Senior

$33 Young Adult

$27 Youth


$330 Family

$312 Adult Couple

$288 Senior Couple

$168 Adult

$156 Senior

$66 Young Adult

$54 Youth


$635.04 Family

$611.52 Adult Couple

$564.48 Senior Couple

$329.28 Adult

$305.76 Senior

$129.36 Young Adult

$105.84 Youth

Membership Perks!

  • 15% off Gym/Room Rentals
  • Discounts on certain program/events
  • Membership Referral Program- Refer a new member or member that hasn’t been here in at least 12 months and you receive 10% off your next month

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Family: One or two adults over age 19 and any children age 0 – 18 living in the same home and full time college students age 18 – 24
  • Adult: Any applicant age 19 – 59
  • Senior: Any applicant age 60 and older
  • Teen: Age 13 – 18
  • Youth: Age 12 and under

Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. Payment is due at registration unless otherwise indicated. Make checks payable to Middlecreek Area Community Center or MACC.

A MACC membership entitles you to use of the entire facility excluding the climbing wall and rentals. Corporate Memberships may be purchased to benefit the company and its employees.

Guest Fee: $7 per day ages 13 and over, $4 per day for ages under 13
College: 20% discount given for active, full-time status with current ID
Military: 20% discount given for active and retired

Health-care costs are skyrocketing (mostly shouldered by employers) and the number of overweight men, women, and children in the U.S. is almost at epidemic levels. Unhealthy lifestyles and overweight related issues are carrying a very high price tag for individuals, such as: fatigue, depression, poor hygiene, constant sickness, stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, certain cancers, diabetes, and back ailments. There is also a very high price tag for you, the employer. This price includes high absenteeism, increased health care costs, low morale, and the list goes on. All of these things will affect your bottom line. Employee health is vital to a company’s competitiveness.

Fortunately, there is a way out. Getting your em-ployees to participate in an exercise program is the way to help stop this downward spiral. The Middlecreek Area Community Center wants to provide the solution for you.

What benefits can you and your employees get from getting involved in an exercise program at the MACC?

  • Reduced healthcare and insurance costs with improvements in employee bodily condition
  • Less worker absences
  • Valuable recruitment and employee retention tool
  • Higher energy and productivity levels
  • Improved attitudes and self awareness
  • Less stressed, more physically active workforce
  • Declines in injury rates and injury related absences
  • Less Turnover
  • Improvements in job performance
  • Increased employee satisfaction and morale
  • Increased employee’s fitness
  • Decrease in employee stress and job related tension
  • Physical Activity Is Economically Beneficial

Here are some examples of companies with employee wellness programs and what their returns were on their investment into the wellness program.

Coors Brewing – 615% General Mills – 390%

Bank of America – 600% Travelers Corp. – 340%

Kennecott – 578% Motorola – 315%

Equitable Life – 552% DuPont – 205%

Corporate Membership Rates

$1000– 1 Free Yearly Adult  Membership and 10 day passes plus 10% off each employee membership

$2000– 1 Free Yearly Adult  Membership, 15 day passes plus 10% off each employee membership

$3000– 1 Free Yearly Adult  Membership, 20 day passes plus 15% off each employee membership

$5000 — 1 Free Yearly Adult  Membership, one free gymnasium rental, and 25 day passes plus 25% off each employee membership

$10,000– 2 Free Yearly Adult  Membership, one free gymnasium rental, and 30 day passes plus 25% off each employee membership

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